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Product Series
  • Low voltage warning
  • Memory function
  • Fever warning
  • Safe & sanitary
  • Buzzing prompting
  • Automatically closing
  • Changeable battery
  • Low voltage warning
  • Memory function
  • Automatically closing without ...
  • Low voltage warning
  • Automatically pressuring, safe...
  • Timing display blood pressure/...
  • Unit Switch
  • Automatic power off
  • 10 memories
  • Beeper warning
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Pacifier Thermometer Manufacturer

Pacifier Thermometer Manufacturer

As long as baby will keep the pacifier in his or her mouth for 90 seconds, you can get a fairly accurate temperature from it.

This thermometer which is manufactured by Hua'an-Pacifier Thermometer Manufacturer, is housed in a classic-looking silicone orthodontic pacifier with a plastic shield. The front of the shield is slightly larger than some since it houses the digital thermometer. The only other difference is that you can see the small sensor inside the part of the pacifier that goes in baby's mouth.

The pacifier thermometer is easy to turn on. You just have to push a little button on the front and wait for the usual "L" to show up to indicate that it's ready. Baby keeps the pacifier in his or her mouth for about 90 seconds, until it beeps, and you can easily read the temperature on the front.

Pacifier Thermometer Manufacturer -Hua'an provides various types Pacifier Thermometer, fitting for home emergency, baby care and other situations.

If you're looking for a fast, convenient, non-invasive way to take baby's temperature, Pacifier Thermometer Manufacturer-Hua'an is a reliable choice.

Forehead Thermometer
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