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Product Series
  • Low voltage warning
  • Memory function
  • Fever warning
  • Safe & sanitary
  • Buzzing prompting
  • Automatically closing
  • Changeable battery
  • Low voltage warning
  • Memory function
  • Automatically closing without ...
  • Low voltage warning
  • Automatically pressuring, safe...
  • Timing display blood pressure/...
  • Unit Switch
  • Automatic power off
  • 10 memories
  • Beeper warning
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basal thermometer chinese manufacturer

basal thermometer chinese manufacturer

Hua'an is a basal thermometer chinese manufacturer,Basal thermometer is a maximum thermometer, it can record the maximum temperature which the thermometer was measured.
Thermometer, also known as "medical thermometer." Working substance is mercury thermometer. It is much larger volume than the volume of the bubble at the capillary tube. Bubble in mercury, due to the influence of body temperature, resulting in a slight change in the volume expansion of mercury, so that the length of the inner tube of the mercury column changed significantly. Usually the change in body temperature between 35 ? to 42 ?, so the scale of the thermometer is usually 35 ? to 42 ?, and the range and degree of each divided into 10 parts, and therefore the thermometer accurate to 1/10 degrees. The lower portion of the thermometer near the bubble point of the neck is a narrow curved neck, when the measured temperature, the mercury vacuole, heat volume expansion of mercury by the neck portion rises to the tube to a position, when the temperature reached thermal equilibrium mercury column constant. When the thermometer away from the body, the outside temperature is low, the volume contraction of mercury cold, disconnect the narrow curved neck portion, so that part has been promoted to the mercury back in the tube does not come back, when the mercury remains in contact with the human body achieve a high degree.
Currently ordinary thermometer is gradually being replaced by electronic thermometers, electronic thermometers have a temperature measurement speed, non-contact, etc., are being gradually into the mass people's home.
Basis of basal body temperature thermometer is used to measure the body to wake up in the morning just when. Compared to the daily body temperature, basal body temperature compared with unaffected by environmental factors, such as exercise or eating. This helps to detect subtle changes in body temperature daily. For example, when ovulation or changes in thyroid function.
-Glass fever thermometers have a minimum dimension of the scale 0.2 ?; F (0.1 ?), but requires at least basic thermometer 0.1 ?; F (0.05 ?) accuracy. Therefore, on the basis of glass thermometer is made of glass and the general fever thermometer is sold separately. However, all electronic thermometer has at least 0.1 ?; F (0.05 ?) accuracy, the thermometer can be used as a basis. Some digital thermometer specially marked as 'basic thermometer' design has special features such as a large display screen, such as additional memory or a beep will be placed in the correct position to guide
Forehead Thermometer
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