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  • Low voltage warning
  • Memory function
  • Fever warning
  • Safe & sanitary
  • Buzzing prompting
  • Automatically closing
  • Changeable battery
  • Low voltage warning
  • Memory function
  • Automatically closing without ...
  • Low voltage warning
  • Automatically pressuring, safe...
  • Timing display blood pressure/...
  • Unit Switch
  • Automatic power off
  • 10 memories
  • Beeper warning
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Global medical device manufacturers to put forward new demands for sensor development

In recent years, with intelligent continuous improvement, sensors and more extensive applications, especially in the field of medical equipment. The development of global medical device manufacturers, sensor vendors proposed new requirements to meet production applications and standards, and market demand.

First, the sensor should be under the premise of guaranteeing performance, try to size smaller, lighter weight. This is closely related to the development of portable medical equipment. Miniaturized medical equipment more portable and convenient to use, with also be able to save a lot of ward space is becoming a new trend. This will require that the sensor is able to adapt to the development trend of medical equipment, to the development of more integrated, smaller direction. Such as infusion pumps and insulin pump are away from the traditional bulky, and then the development of portable and mobile, the patient can have more flexible applications, such as clinical thermometer choosing the treatment at home.

In addition, miniaturization design is more conducive to a network of medical equipment, remote development, the ability to remotely monitor patients' treatment and care. A multi-detection functions in a single package of sensor products has become the best choice for most of the breathing apparatus have benefited from this design.

Secondly, the sensor should have the characteristics of low voltage and low power consumption to extend battery life. This is very important for portable medical equipment. There is no equipment of the good life, will encounter a lot of difficulties in the application. The sensor is widely used as medical devices, is even more need to reduce power consumption.

Again, the sensor material / standards is also very important. Medical equipment is special equipment related to people's life and health, and sometimes digital sphygmomanometer need to be close to the people's blood, infectious substances, salt solution, to be detected gas. This makes the sensor production materials specifications, enough to meet the EU standards and Materials.

Finally, sensor manufacturers must also protect the quality, service and support. Sensor manufacturers should enrich the product line, mentioning stocks different types, different packaging, different installation options, to meet the demand for medical equipment. The sensor should have a strong flexibility, allowing engineers to adjust product depending on the application and the needs of the countries. These are the the medical equipment collar development of sensor manufacturers bring new challenges and new requirements.
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